Business activities

Overhauls, main overhauls (HU) in accordance with §32 of the railway construction and operating regulations

Examinations and acceptance as per §32 EBO (Railway Construction and Operating Regulations) are carried out in mgw Service's own railway depot in Krefeld.

Within the framework of modular maintenance, overhaul of main components is contracted out to qualified partners, such as Bombardier Transportation Division Bogies, Warranty & Service in the case of bogies.


  • Work on body / roof
  • Overhaul of brake system
  • Overhaul of bogies
  • Overhaul of buffers and draw gear
  • Special cleaning of machine room, including electric cabinets
  • High voltage test
  • Air reservoir testing
  • Commissioning of pneumatic/brake system
  • Commissioning of locomotive
  • Inspection of automatic train control systems and train radio
  • Acceptance of the main overhaul by an independent authority / expert


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